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                our products

                We are committed to innovate your fastening system services

                Support and hanger system fasteners
                T-bolt for embedded channel system
                Anchor System Anchor Bolt
                Heavy-duty bracket fastener system
                Heavy-duty support beam system
                Heavy support arm support system

                WOFU HARDWARE

                Company Profile

                Haiyan Wofu Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is located in Haiyan, Zhejiang Province. It specializes in high-end construction industry fastener sales and customer service. Up to tens of thousands of products, including DIN, ANSI, BS, JIS, ISO, GB, and other non-standard products; materials involving carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and so on.Product categories include: bolts, nuts, washers, connectors, etc.; focus on manufacturing: T-bolts for embedded channel systems, urban integrated pipe gallery systems, seismic support hanger systems, and self-cutting anchors for glass curtain wall systems Bolts and other seismic fastening connectors, the company has professional management personnel and technical team, set production, sales, service in one, with specialized technology, diversified products to provide customers with fastener system services and solutions services.    With the aim of providing the most cost-effective products and satisfactory services, we have won a high reputation among the industry customers for our high-performance product quality and superb service system. The company adhering to the development philosophy of "taking quality as the root, honesty, morality first, and trust as a living", pursues the working...

                WOFU HARDWARE

                Choose our 5 advantages
                • Professional solutions for fastening systems

                  Years of sales and customers of fastening system products in the high-end construction industry Service experience, with a professional technical service team, through Close communication with customers, internal R&D and field testing Constantly surpass, looking for the best benefits and safety for customers s solution.

                • Continuously innovate technology to support simultaneous development

                  Professional technical team to provide customers with fastening system Professional technical support, including assembly and usage instructions, Use characteristics and precautions. Provide various surface treatments Performance testing methods and analysis of advantages and disadvantages, to give customers All technical support in the process of new product development, to achieve the same Step development.

                • Diversified products

                  The company is located in China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, high value-added tight Firmware industry base, can provide diversified products, company Have independently developed production process: M16 bolts and below Using advanced multi-station cold forging technology, bolts above M16 Using advanced multi-station cold forging and hot forging technology, efficiency is the transmission 5 times the total forging process, for urgent and rush orders, Standard and non-standard products, high-efficiency production, guaranteed contract production On-time and efficient delivery of products.

                • Reliable quality control system

                  Strictly follow the ISO9001:2008 quality management system control Production, advanced testing equipment, including raw material testing, Process control, semi-finished product inspection, mechanical analysis, finished product inspection Inspection and so on. When the goods need to be transferred in an emergency special situation, keep the original Quality inspection data, indicating the brand ownership of the product, true Traceability is being achieved.

                • Cost-effective products and reasonable sales prices

                  According to the railway industry standard of the People's Republic of China "TB/T3329- 2013 Electrified Railway Catenary Tunnel Embedded Channels", Construction Construction industry industry standard "JG/T160- 2017 concrete machinery Anchor Bolts》Pre-embedded channel T bolts and construction anchor bolts-usually zinc coating Installed to increase corrosion resistance, while the current traditional single hot-dip galvanizing process It is difficult to meet the high anti-corrosion requirements, our company uses hot-dip galvanizing as the bottom Combination of coating, phosphating, multi-alloy co-infiltration, and chromium-free zinc-aluminum coating The process covers hot-dip galvanizing, Dacromet, Zimeite, Jiumei Special, zinc-nickel alloy, Ruspert and other high anti-corrosion properties at home and abroad The surface treatment process can meet the requirements of pipe gallery, subway support and hanger, pre-embedded Channel field, neutral salt spray test 1200h-2400h medium to high requirements Demand.

                Latest News

                We are committed to innovate your fastening system services

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                We are committed to innovate your fastening system services

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